hello there! as i'd said earlier, my name is Ruby! nice to meet you!
here is some stuff about me in case it is of any interest to you

i am nineteen years old turning twenty soon, and i was born in 2002 i am mexican american, and am learning both spanish and japanese and occasionally ASL, and would love to learn other languages in the future.

i am perpetually tired. i got a variety of issues i feel no need to share on here, but one thing about me is i love to sleep. i rely on energy drinks quite often. feel free to read what i think about them on here if you care LOL.

i've no real big ambitions or goals in life just yet and have a complicated schooling past, can't you tell ^_^ but i'd love to be a voice actor or do something in music or other creative stuff, but would also like to work simply as some arcade maintenance guy or a build a bear stuffer or something. that contributes in society in some way.

i'm agender! and genderfluid, gender-nonconforming, transmasculine, as well as a femme lesbian that uses any pronouns. if any of this annoys you you can fuck right off because it is not my problem and i do not care!

i also cuss a lot and have a tendency to be aggressive if annoyed, but other than that i'm pretty nice all things considered. i don't particularly care what anyone thinks of me, i'm just here for a laff and such.

i feel a 'kinship' with hedgehogs, bats, angels, old tech, aliens, pegasi, among other things. make with that whatcha will.